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CATHEDRAL (GRANADA) - Gran Vía, s/n. Granada

The fact that the Catholic Kings chose Granada as their burial place, gives us an idea of the importance of the city in the configuration of the new kingdom. So much so that the Emperor Carlos V also chose Granada to construct the Royal Pantheon of the Spanish monarchy and that other important personages like the Great Captain also chose to rest there forever.

It is well known that “Felipe II” saved us from the dubious honour of becoming a cemetery for distinguished personalities, constructing his own pantheon at the “Escorial” and moving the Court away from a city that he did not quite understand.

The problem that the King had with the city, or the city with the King, was the same that there was after the conquest: the integration in the new monarchy of a society formed by a complex world of religions, cultures and different customs. He wanted to create an extensive program of constructions that would “Christianize” the urban frame of the Moslem city. This way, the city would start filling up with churches, convents or civil buildings that would draw a plan more adequate to the new western mentality, and above all, a more Christian mentality of the new “granadinos” (the new people of Granada).

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