Abbey of the Sacromonte

Monastery of St. Jerónimo

The Abbey of "El Sacromonte" was founded in the 17th century. Under the church there are the catacombs where St. Cecilio, the first bishop and actual Patron of Granada, suffered martyrdom. The monument was designed by Juan de Maeda and finished in 1567 and it is located next to the "Darro" river. The most notable aspects of this monument are the extraordinary panelled ceilings in the "mudeyyen" style (Moslem style consisting of vegetal and naturalistic motifs etc...) of the central nave, the crossing and the Main Chapel, as well as the Renaissance roof of the first of the ten chapels done by "Juan Vílchez". The front façade, by Pedro de Orea, is a magnificent example of the Renaissance period in Andalusia at the end of the 16th century.

The Abbey, from where we can contemplate the Sacromonte Valley, is located on the top of the "Valparaíso" hill at the end of the road of the seven slopes. Along this path, with marvellous views of the "Avellano" fountain, we can contemplate four of the monumental crosses placed at this hill during the 17th century by the different guilds, families and people devout of these "holy places". From here we can admire a beautiful view: the Alhambra, the Christian city, the Albayzin and Jesus del valle... The access can be through the Sacromonte road, that starts at the "Peso de la Harina" situated at the middle of the "Chapiz" Slope (Cuesta del Chapiz), or through the "St. Antonio" road that starts at "Haza Grande".

The actual legislation – Law of the Historical Spanish and Andalusian Patrimony- gives this monument the character of Cultural Interest (B.I.C.), which means it has the highest protection from the State.

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