Alhambra FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Where, when and how can I get Alhambra tickets? what is the fee?

1. Direct Sale: in the own ticket office of the monument. (Option fewer advised).

2. Advance Ticket Sales:

Buy Tickets Alhambra Online booking of tickets.

You can buy tickets three months in advance from the day of the visit.


This website only includes a link to booking pages without any economic benefit, so this page wont admit any responsibility from the tickets purchase from the Internet.

Does the ticket fee include any guided tour?

No the ticket fee only includes the entrance to the monument.

Is there any discount when buying the entrance ticket to the Alhambra and Generalife?

The discounts are the following:

  • EU Students under 30 with valid ID: (showing youth ID, 30 card or similar)
  • Visit EU senior citizens (65+), pensioners and horders of the tarjeta Andalucía Junta sesenta y cinco or similar ones:
  • Members of the International Council on Monuments and Historical Artistic Sites (ICOMOS) and of the International Council of Museums (IOCM): Free admission.
  • Visit for chidren under 12: Free admission.
  • People with disabilities (with more than 33% disability and upon presentation of valid document):

Are there regular tours every day to the Alhambra, and to the rest of monuments in Granada?

Yes there are. Every day you can join an organized regular visit. This includes entrances to the Alhambra, local Official Guide and transport. Visits are guaranteed in Spanish, English and French. You can book it in this Web site.

Would it be possible to have a private guide, even if we are only two people, in order to visit the Alhambra or any other monument of Granada?

For a little bit more of money, you can have a private guided tour in your language. This is the best way to get a more completed service.

What is the difference between Alhambra and Generalife regular tour and Alhambra and Generalife private tour?

The regular tour of Alhambra and Generalife works daily, includes the monument ticket, the transportation from and to your hotel and an Granada official guide for the tour. The private tour in Alhambra is "á la carte tour " where you decide the day, time and the members of the group.

Can I visit the Alhambra at night?

Yes, it is possible. You can do it on your own or booking the services of a professional guide. For more information, about this visit, schedules, days… go to the web, where you will find useful information for the visit in Alhambra and Granada.

Could the Alhambra be open for a group of friends or even for my self?

The possibility exists. The Alhambra can be open in exclusivity, outside of the schedule of normal visits (only the part of the Nasrid Palaces). In this type of visit you would go accompanied by an Official Guide, enjoying the Nasrid Palaces for yourself without the presence of any other person. If you require additional information on this type of visit, you can visit our web site or contact us by e-mail.

Do you have tours for educational Centres and special groups?

For this type of groups, we also offer an special program of visits whit a clear pedagogic focus. The professionals that guide these groups, have a special training in teaching, called CAP (Pedagogical Aptitude Certificate) by the University of Granada; they are official guides, but with a large experience in education too. The comments of our guides will always fit the level of the students.

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