International Festival of Music and Dance in Granada

Granada Festival

The International Festival of Music and Dance in Granada is one of the most attractive events in early summer in Spain.

It is originated in the symphony concerts that, since 1883, held at the Palace de Carlos V, and in the Concurso de Cante Jondo, convened at the Plaza de los Aljibes in the Alhambra in 1922, with the assistance of Federico García Lorca, Manuel de Falla, Ramón Gómez de la Serna, Santiago Rusiñol and other intellectuals and artists of the time.

The Festival is a veritable explosion of art, with great national and international meetings, in the most emblematic areas of the city. The concerts of major symphony orchestras in the Palacio de Carlos V, dance and ballet at the outdoor theater in the gardens Jardines del Generalife, the recitals in the courtyard Patio de los Arrayanes in the Alhambra, morning concerts in churches and monuments of Granada, along with nights of flamenco and world music in the typical districts of Albayzín and Sacromonte, gather each year to more than 30,000 people, who come attracted by the magic of the show in unique spaces.

All of this, coupled with the incredible heritage of Granada, its monuments, gardens and history, immerse the city and visitors, during the first days of summer, in a festive atmosphere that grows year after year.

Since 1970 have been held annually the International Courses Manuel de Falla. These courses cover teaching high level and contribute to strengthen studies and professional fields of music and dance.

The Festival in the past editions has exceeded 95% occupancy, hanging the sign "sold out" on multiple occasions, giving an idea of ​​the size and impact of this event, whose vitality is demonstrated by the increase in new public each year goes to their calls. To the thousands who receives Granada during the Festival, coming from France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, USA, Brazil, South Africa, Colombia and Finland, join the many fans of Spain and other countries that follow the Festival through print, television, articles in journals and tourism or radio transmissions.

The International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada was the first Spanish member of the European Festivals Association to which it belongs since 1955, and since 1970 was honored with the Honorary Presidency of Her Majesty The Queen of Spain.

Today is an initiative of the Ministry of Culture, the Government of Andalusia, Granada City Council, the County Council of Granada and the University of Granada, and has this year sponsored by CajaGRANADA, Puleva Foundation, La Caixa, Ferring, beer Alhambra, Loewe and Fundación Caja Rural. International courses have mainly supported by the Directorate General for Cultural Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture. Other institutions, companies and organizations working to support the overall activities.


As an extension of the Festival, the FEX distributes a significant number of shows and concerts for the eight municipal districts of Granada. The diverse and varied content of activities allow you to enjoy monumental courtyards, exquisite corners of large spaces, the intersection of diverse and plural citizen encounter.

The Fex also plays an important role in promoting the performing arts for children and youth, especially since the shows scheduled for children, the learning experiences with the municipalities of Las Gabias and dangers, until the close involvement of teachers and Course students Manuel de Falla (Course historical musical interpretation, course recovery and interpretation of Latin American musical heritage, Workshop: dance, creative and social scene, photography workshop). The street musicians and dancers, the fanfare, bands and chamber groups FEGRABAN D, the Conservatory of Music "Victoria Eugenia" of Granada. all of them share their artistic peak with us. And also the biggest will be present in a contemporary dance workshop where art breaks all boundaries of participation. In flamenco values ​​and will support new proposals. And in the field of popular music groups and artists will perform from different latitudes of Europe or Africa.
Welcome to the Festival of Music and Dance in Granada!Welcome to FEX!

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