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Parts and places in the Alhambra and Generalife

Alhambra is more than a just a palace; it is an entire walled city within the city of Granada. There are royal apartments, forts, gardens, pavilions, barracks... All this surrounded by an impressive wall.

The Nasrid Palaces

Palacios Nazaries

They are a group of small palaces with a series of structures around them that were born of necessity and ornamental purely transitory. Since the sixteenth century, Nasrid palaces these are designated as Casa Real Vieja to distinguish Christian buildings.

The Carlos V Palace

Carlos V Palace

This is one of the emperor's projects for the city of Granada.

The choice of the Alhambra for its construction shows the king's awareness of the beauty of the Arab palaces and his interest in preserving them for posterity.

The Alcazaba

The Alcazaba

The Alcazaba, a fortress, is the oldest part of the Alhambra, as is the case of the Vermilion Towers (Torres Bermejas). It is thought that before it was built and before the Muslims arrived to Granada, there were already several constructions in the same area. The first historical reference to the existence of the Alcazaba dates from the 9th century and it is believed that it was then built by Sawwar ben Hamdun during the fights between Muslims and muwalladins [Christians who converted to the Islam and lived among the Muslims].

The Medina

The medina

The Alhambra Medina inhabitants served the court and the Palace. The quarter, with a slightly inclined main street that ran west and east, had public baths, a mosque, and shops.

Rauda - Royal Cemetery


The privileged garden where the mortal remains of the Granadine princes rested is visited just as you come out of the Nasrid Palaces. It is between the latter and the Charles V Palace. This area was restored recently, adapting it for visitors and emphasising its original structure.

Generalife Gardens and Palace

Generalife Gardens

Leisure villa of the sultans of Granada, surrounded by orchards and gardens, the latter created recently, together with the amphitheatre at the entrance, which every year is the setting for some of the shows of the Music and Dance Festival.

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