Pick up tickets purchased in advance of the Alhambra

Collecting Alhambra Tickets

To collect your tickets bought in advance, you should consider the following:

  • You can pick up your tickets, only during the ticket office opening time
  • You must present the printed voucher and the ID of the person who made the reservation. Remember that

    without the voucher you won't be able to get the tickets so you will have to show a printed copy of the voucher at the ticket office.

Pick up tickets point

To collect their tickets purchased in advance once in Alhambra, should consider the following:

You can collect your entry from the day after I booked tickets for advance sales and internet sales in ticket office hours en:

Reservations Ticket Office

Taquilla de la Alhambra

You need to present your reservation code and the ID of the person who made ??the reservation or permit it.

Tickets Dispensers

Taquilla de la Alhambra

Need the same credit card with which the reservation was made.

If you used to purchase the tickets for security, with a virtual card, then you must go directly to the ticket booking and stand in line for withdrawal of reservations

If you have not paid the entry card, you must then go to the ticket booking and find the row of withdrawal of reservations where your locator and identification of the person making the reservation or approval thereof, the will.

It is advised that you collect your reservation at least one hour before the time of entry to the Nasrid Palaces and remember that if you arrive later than the scheduled time will lose their right to access to the Nasrid Palaces.

Cajeros servicaixa entradas alhambra

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