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Comprar Entradas Alhambra When you book one of our Guided Tours of the Alhambra, on this website, you DO NOT NEED TO BUY THE TICKETS, as our tours INCLUDE: Tickets and official guided tour. From our website, you can book all kinds of visits.

Alhambra Guided Tours

This is an all inclusive tour every day. You will discover a unique arab medieval citadel, probably the best preserved in the world, that is also the highest tourist atraction in Spain. We´ll show you the gardens and yards, like the Partal or the Generalife Gardens; the fortress and the dungeons and, of course, the palaces of the sultans, like the Palace of the Lions or the Palace of the Throne. You´ll feel the atmosphere of the moorish culture surrounded by the perfums of the flowers and the murmuring of the water...

Guided Visit to the Alhambra Day - Private Guide

If you prefer a private tour, this is your choice. An official guide will accompany you in the Alhambra and Generalife to discover this wonder of the world. Of course, it is the same itinerary of the regular tour, the palaces, the fortress, the gardens... but this is a visit adapted to you, direct and personal. This option is ideal for (large) families and groups up to 30 people.

Guided Visit to the Alhambra - Educational Centers

We also offer special visits for educational centres with a clear pedagogic focus. The professionals who guide these groups have a special training in teaching called CAP (Pedagogical Aptitude Certificate) by the University of Granada; they are also official guides, but with a large experience in education too... With our team of professional tour guides, the students will get a huge knowledge of history and art in Alhambra and will enjoy the walk in Generalife gardens.

About Nasrid Palaces Visit :

The access to the nasrid Palaces is differnt from all the rest of the monument. You only can access within the half-hour provided in your ticket, because the capacity of the area is restricted to 300 persons every half-hour. If you don't entry within this half-hour you will lose the right to visit them, although you can stay inside the rest of the monument..
Please be aware that the last pass for the Nasrid Palaces finish one hour before the closing time of the monument, and it takes at least 30 minutes, so you shoul visit first Generalife and Alcazaba.

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