Royal Chapel of the Cathedral of Granada

Royal Chapel

The Royal Chapel of Granada houses the coffins of "D. Fernando de Aragón" and "Dña. Isabel de Castile", "Dña. Juana I" and "D. Felipe I" and of the prince "Miguel". After the conquest of Granada (1492), the Catholic Kings decided the construction of their own burial chapel next to the Cathedral of Granada, where the major Mosque had been located.

The design of the Royal Chapel started in 1504 by "Enrique Egas" (1505-1517) following the austere desires of the Catholic Queen.

If you just want to know Granada and its monuments (Royal Chapel Cathedral) and his environment, his visit is definitely "Granada Monumental". We have two modes of visit:

Guided visit of Granada Monumental - Join a group

Visit the Cathedral Group

  • Join a Group

    of no more than 30 people.
  • Departures:

    saturday afternoon 17:00 h
  • Timing:

    2 hours.
  • Itinerary:

    Cathedral and Royal Chapel
  • Price:

    39 € (VAT included)

Tours of Granada Monumental - Private Guide

Visitar la Catedral con guía privado

  • Hire a guide

    just for you or your group.
  • Timing:

    2:30 hours.
  • Departures:

    any day.
  • Itinerary:

    Cathedral and Royal Chapel
  • Price:

    From 170 € (VAT included)


March to August:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:15-13:30, 16:00-19:30 h
  • Sundays and holidays: 11:00-13:30 y 16:00-19:30 h

September to February:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:15-13:30, 15:30-18:30 h
  • Sundays and holidays: 11:00-13:30 y 15:30-18:30 h

Ticket office: same schedule.

Ticket Prices


4.0 €.. Direct sale at the ticket office of the monument itself.

Reduction of schools U.E. request to tf: 958 222 959

In times of high season, weekends, etc., readers are referred to the ticket office in time in anticipation of queues. We recommend using a map or guidebook.

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