Corral del Carbón ("Coal Corral")

Entrada al Corral del Carbón

The "Corral del Carbón", formerly called "Alhóndiga Gigida" was constructed in the early 14th century and was used as a type of warehouse for merchandise and also as a shelter for merchants. It is of special interest because it is the only building of its kind that still remains as it was in Spain.

In Christian times it was used as an accommodation for coal merchants, from where it gets its name. Later, it became a playhouse for comedies, and finally, a neighbourhood until 1933 when the State acquired it and the architect "Leopoldo Torres Balbás" restored it.

The building has a quadrangular shape, with an entrance pavilion which has a large horseshoe arch that gives access to the vestibule which is covered with a cupola embellished with "muqarbas" (decorative motif characteristic of the Moslem architecture, based on vertically juxtaposed bows or prisms). Above the entrance door there is a small twin window. From here we enter the "'ostowan" or waiting vestibule with arches on its sides, that leads to the courtyard surrounded by galleries that open onto the three floors of the building. At the center of the courtyard we find a stone made fountain with two spouts.

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Guided tour of the Corral del Carbon - Private Guide

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  • In the courtyard there is a Tourist Information office, a bookstore specializing in Andalusian and a pottery studio.

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