Nasrid Palaces - Alhambra of Granada

Palacios Nazaries

Complex of palaces, the residence of the kings of Granada. Its construction was started by the founder of the dynasty, Alhamar, in the thirteenth century, although the buildings that have survived to our time date mainly from the fourteenth century. The walls of these palaces enclose the refinement and the delicateness of the last Hispano-Arab governors of Al Andalus, the Nasrids.

Three palaces form these premises: El Mexuar, The Comares or Yusuf I Palace, o de Yusuf I and The Palace of the Lions, or of Mohammed V.

The intimate concept of the royal palace, closed to curious eyes, harmonises the robustness of the outside stretches of the walls with the fragility inside, where the architectural elements become purely ornamental. The poor materials used to decorate the palaces demonstrate the temporality of the construction compared with the cosmos, the proof of man's transient nature. The patios, continuous allusions to gardens, with elements of Persian and Muslim inspiration, are a taste of paradise, a nomad's oasis, a delight to the senses. Water, the element that shapes the palace, combining the garden with architecture, represents purity. Crystalline water running between the fountains' marble. Life-giving water making the garden lush and fresh, providing aesthetic beauty, the sultan's generosity... a whole world of symbols and stimuli.

Information para la visita de los Nasrid Palaces

Palacio de la Alhambra

This is the only area of the monument with access


, in other words, apart from respecting your visit session, which can be morning, afternoon or night, you have to go in the time slot indicated on your ticket to visit the Nasrid Palaces.

These slots last for half an hour and they are distributed throughout the times it is open to the public.

The visit is adapted for the physically disabled.

Once inside, you can stay as long as you wish, although the route usually takes less than an hour. Please comply strictly with the visit rules indicated on your ticket.

The distance from the ticket offices is 800 m.

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