Tickets of the Alhambra for schools and educational centers

Information on discount tickets for Teaching Centers

If you wish to take a guided tour with an official guide, here's how to proceed to request tickets with discount.

You can request the discount of the tickets included in the Program +15: "Groups linked to cultural or educational institutions constituted by 15 or more members, prior authorization: 8 euros".

You have to send an email requesting the price reduction to the following email address:

To do this, they must complete, seal and sign the following document and send it to the indicated mail:
-Download the discount application form for Groups Linked to Cultural or Educational Institutions.

Reservation request and payments of the tickets are as follows:
  • 1- Reception of the application form (indicated above). Deadline for reception 15 days before the date of the visit.
  • 2- Making of the reservation.
  • 3- Communication via email:
    • a. Date, Time and number of people assigned.
    • b. Request for
      • i. Bank transfer (Reception deadline: 10 days before the date of the visit).
      • ii. Excell of Participants (Reception deadline: 7 days before the date of the visit).
  • 4- Communication if everything is correct and information about the withdrawal of the tickets.