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Each visitor, regardless of their age, must carry their own entrance, which will be issued individually and will be required to keep it until the exit of the monument visited. Tickets sell out quickly so it is best to buy tickets at least one month before your visit.

From our pages, you can book all kinds of visits to the Alhambra.

Tickets Alhambra

Information about the entrances to the Alhambra in Granada. Types, prices, hours, buy visit with ticket.

How to get?

You can reach the Alhambra by car or private transport, by bus, taxi or if you prefer, on foot.

Access to the Alhambra

Where to enter the monumental complex of the Alhambra in Granada. All entrance doors.

Itinerary of the Alhambra

Organize the visit of the Alhambra according to the time of entry to the Nasrid Palaces.

Maps and Plans

Maps, plans and aerial views of the Alhambra and the Generalife of Granada. Access and download them to your mobile devices.

Interactive Map

Interactive map and 3D virtual tour of the Alhambra.
Visit the monumental complex of the Alhambra without leaving home.

History of the Alhambra

The origin and creation of the Alhambra, modifications and extensions that it has undergone for centuries and restorations.

Guide of the Alhambra

What to see in the Alhambra in Granada, palaces, courtyards and royal apartments. The Courtyard of the Lions, the Nasrid Palaces,...

Photos of the Alhambra

Images and photos of the Alhambra. Photos of the Palaces, photos of the exteriors of the monument, panoramic photos,...

Generalife Guide

History and origin of the Generalife, Low Gardens, Patio de la Acequia, Palace of the Generalife...all its detailed areas and with images.

Museum of the Alhambra

Located in the Palace of Carlos V, the Alhambra Museum is distributed in rooms dedicated to Hispanic and German culture and art.

Services of the Alhambra

Services offered in the Alhambra: Information points, storage, health care, parking, shop...everything you need.

Nearby Hotels

Hotels near the Alhambra. Stay in the magical surroundings of the Nazari monumental complex.


Frequently asked questions and answers about the tickets and visits of the Alhambra in Granada.

Alhambra Regulations

For a visit without any setback, read the basic rules of access to the Monument.

Legends of the Alhambra

Discover the stories and legends of the Alhambra in Granada. Washington Irving.

Alhambra Festival

The International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada is one of the most attractive events. It takes place in early summer.

Alhambra Flush with the sky

In the program "Spain at ground level", Francis Lorenzo will travel to Granada to visit The Alhambra.