Alhambra Guided Tour

Join a Group - From Granada
per person 49

  • Monument tickets
  • Official Local Guide
  • Audio System
  • Assistance at the meeting point


This is an all inclusive tour every day. You will discover a unique arab medieval citadel, probably the best preserved in the world, that is also the highest tourist atraction in Spain. We´ll show you the gardens and yards, like the Partal or the Generalife Gardens; the fortress and the dungeons and, of course, the palaces of the sultans, like the Palace of the Lions or the Palace of the Throne. You´ll feel the atmosphere of the moorish culture surrounded by the perfums of the flowers and the murmuring of the water...

Details of the visit

  • Tickets to the Alhambra and GeneGuided tour by the Granada Official Guides: Members of AGIP (Local Association of Professional Guides).
  • Timing: Approximately 3 hours.
  • Itinerary: In the Alhambra: Nasrid Palaces, Charles V Palace and Medina, to finish in the Generalife Gardens and Palace.
  • Groups: 30 people maximum per guide.
  • Languages: English, French and Spanish guaranteed.
  • Accommodation: Available here...

Observations to take into account

If there was not the possibility of making a group in only one language, in some occasions the visit could be done in two languages.