Recommended itinerary of the visit to the Alhambra

Organization of the visit

The recommended itinerary has a duration of approximately 3 hours and a length of 3.5 km.

The order of visit of the different parts of the monument must be done according to the time indicated on the ticket to access the Nasrid Palaces. The recommended order to follow would be one of these:

  • Alcazaba-Palaces-Generalife.
  • Palaces-Alcazaba-Generalife.
  • Generalife-Alcazaba-Palaces.
Any other travel order is less effective.

If you have time, you can also visit the Museums, Fine Arts and the Alhambra and the Presentation Room, all in the Palace of Carlos V. The Gate of Justice, the Alhambra forest, as well as any other enclosure that, temporarily, be open to the public; (Each month the monument opens spaces that are usually closed, ask in the Access Pavilion).

Recommended itinerary for the daytime visit

GENERAL type tickets: Alcazaba, Nasrid Palaces, Generalife.

Alcazaba: military zone of the enclosure, in it you can visit the terrace of the Torre del Cubo, the Adarve of the north wall, the Plaza de las Armas, with the Castrense District, the Terrace of the Puerta de las Armas, the Torre de la Vela and the Garden of the Adarves.

Nasrid Palaces: In this area you will find:
  • Mexuar: Hall, Oratory, Golden Room and Patio.
  • Comares Palace: Patio de los Arrayanes, Barca Room, Ambassadors Hall.
  • Palace of the Lions: Mocárabes Room, Patio, Abencerrajes Room, Kings Room, Dos Hermanas Room, Emperor's Rooms, Viewpoint, Courtyard of the Gate, Lindarja Garden.
  • The Partal: Porch of the Palace, Gardens and walks, Rauda, Yusuf III Palace, Paseo de las Torres.

Access to the Nasrid Palaces can only be made within the fraction of time indicated on the ticket.

The Generalife: In this area you will find: New Gardens, Courtyard, Access Patio, Patio de la Acequia, Patio de la Sultana, High Gardens, Paseo de las Adelfas.

GARDEN type tickets

The garden ticket allows you to visit the main landscaped areas of the Monument in order to diversify the visit and make it quality.

  • Paseo de los Cipreses, Secano, San Francisco Gardens.
  • Alcazaba: Garden of the Adarves.
  • Rauda, Partal: Porch of the Palace, gardens and walks, Yusuf III Palace, Paseo de las Torres.
  • Generalife: Patio de la acequia, Jardines Bajos, Jardines Altos, Escalera del Agua.
  • Mosque Bath.

Recommended itinerary for the night visit

Nasrid Palaces

The itinerary of the night visit part of the Access Pavilion, continues along the Paseo de los Cipreses, crosses the bridge next to the Water Tower and the Aqueduct to enter the Medina; it crosses the Real Street, and esplanade of the Palace of Carlos V and continues by the Nasrid Palaces. The departure is made by Calle Real Baja and La Rauda.

  • Mexuar, Patio de Arrayanes and Patio de los Leones.
  • Nasrid Palaces.
  • Access to the Nasrid Palaces can only be made within the fraction of time indicated on the ticket.
Visit to the Gardens

Part of the Access Pavilion, continue through the New Gardens to the Patio de la Acequia.

Please do not use the flash during the night visit, as it dazzles other visitors causing inconvenience and preventing the serene perception of suggestively lit itineraries.

Recommended route for physically disabled

There are some adapted spaces in the Nasrid Palaces and Generalife.

You can see the route adapted to the physically disabled, on the map below, it is marked in blue in the plane.

Wheelchairs are provided for the tour. The number of chairs is limited, in order to get one you must ask at the Access Pavilion or directly to the Monument's surveillance personnel, you must leave the identity document or passport in deposit, once the visit is over you will deliver the wheelchair in Access Pavilion and the documentation left in deposit will be returned.

Recommended route plan
Recommended travel plan for the physically disabled