Gardens and Palace of the Generalife - Alhambra

Short description

Recreational house of the sultans of Granada, surrounded by orchards and gardens, the latter recently created, together with the amphitheater at the entrance, which hosts every year some of the shows of the Music and Dance Festival.

The name, of doubtful origin, seems to come from the Arab Yanat-al-Arif or Garden of the Architect, in a clear poetic-religious symbolism that alludes to God, Allah, as architect, creator of the Universe. It is worth climbing to the Water Staircase, especially in summer, to let the clear and cold water that runs through the handrails escape between your fingers.

What to see in the Generalife?

Information for the Generalife visit

You must respect the pass indicated on your ticket: morning or afternoon. Do not visit at night.

Route adapted for the disabled.

Do not cut flowers or jump into gardens.

Follow the rules promptly.

Approximate duration of the visit: 1 hour.

Consider the time of entry to the Nasrid Palaces (to start the visit by the Generalife or, if you do not have time, go directly to the Palaces).

Distance from the ticket offices to the Generalife: 100 m.

Distance from the Generalife to the Nasrid Palaces: 700 m.