Services offered by the Alhambra

Services offered by the Alhambra

The Patronage of the Alhambra and the Generalife provides visitors with a telephone information service through the number 958 027 971, in addition to personalized attention at various points of the Monumental Enclosure:

  • Access pavilion.
  • Parking booth.
  • Placeta of Carlos V.
  • Service pavilion next to the Puerta del Vino.
  • Access to the Nasrid Palaces.
  • Calle Real (Visitor Information Point).

  • Customer service is carried out in five languages (Spanish, English, French, German and Italian), around three areas of action:

  • Information about the public visit to the Monument.
  • Booking management for guided tours organized by the Board of the Alhambra and the Generalife.
  • Support tasks in the institutional relations of the Autonomous Organization.

  • Additional services
  • Food and beverage vending machines
  • Alhambra Store
  • Parking
  • Audioguide
  • Signoguía
  • Toilets
  • Healthcare
  • Postbox
  • Public phones
  • Lost Obejtos
  • Setpoint
  • Baby carrier backpacks