Castril House, Archaeological Museum


The call Casa de Castril by the Lord of Castril of the descendants of Hernando de Zafra, to whom the house belonged, is one of the most beautiful Granada-born palaces of the Renaissance.

The Catholic Monarchs granted their personal secretary, Don Hernando de Zafra, the manor of Castril, a title inherited by his family. One of his grandchildren built this palatial house in the Albaicín neighborhood in 1539, highlighting the beautiful Plateresque cover, made of sandstone. It has a central balcony with embossed medallions and a frieze with the figure of an angel accompanied by faucets. The building is structured around a quadrangular courtyard, formed by porches of semicircular arches supported by marble columns. The access staircase to the second floor is covered with a sensational Mudejar coffered ceiling. It is currently the headquarters of the Provincial Archaeological Museum.

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