Boat Room - Alhambra

Brief description of the monument

From the north gallery of the Patio de los Arrayanes and through a pointed arch of morarabes, we access the Barca room, whose name seems to come from a degeneration of the Arabic term baraka, which means blessing. This room, rectangular in shape of 24 meters by 4.35, seems to be smaller at first, and its extension was made by Mohamed V. In this room there was a semi-cylindrical vault that was destroyed by the fire of the fire of 1890 , replaced by a reproduction of the one that was completely finished in 1964. The walls feature rich plasterwork with the Nasrid shield and within it, the word "Blessing" and the motto of the dynasty "Only God is victorious."

The room is surrounded by a plinth at the ends of which we find alcoves with tiled plinths, which cover the columns that hold banked and scalloped arches of mocarabes and scallops.