Guide of the Alhambra and the Generalife - Places and Corners

Parts and places in the Alhambra and the Generalife

The whole of the Alhambra is more than a palace, it is a walled citadel within the city of Granada. It has royal chambers, fortresses, gardens, pavilions, barracks, etc ... all surrounded by an impressive wall.

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The Nasrid Palaces

They are a group of small mansions with a series of surrounding structures that were born from a purely transitory and ornamental need. Since the 16th century, these Nasrid fortresses have been designated as Old Royal House to distinguish them from Christian buildings.

Nasrid Palaces

The Palace of Carlos V

It is one of the emperor's projects for the city of Granada.
The choice of the Alhambra for its construction demonstrates the king's sensitivity to the beauty of the Arab palaces, and his interest in preserving them for History.

Carlos V Palace

The Alcazaba

The Alcazaba is, together with Torres Bermejas, the oldest part of the Alhambra. It is thought that before its construction and the arrival of Muslims in Granada there were several buildings in the same area. The first news we have about the existence of the Alcazaba in Granada dates back to the 9th century, in which it is supposed to have been built by Sawwar ben Hamdun during the fight between Arabs and Muladis.

The Alcazaba

The Medina

An entire city designed to cover any need of the Palace. Organized around a main street that rises gently from west to east, the city was equipped with public baths, mosque, shops, etc...

The Medina

Rauda - Royal Cemetery

The privileged garden where the remains of the Granada princes rested is visited just after leaving the Nasrid Palaces, remaining between them and that of Carlos V. Recently restored, adapting it to the visit and highlighting its original structure.


Gardens and Palace of the Generalife

Recreational house of the sultans of Granada, surrounded by orchards and gardens, the latter recently created, together with the amphitheater at the entrance, which hosts every year some of the shows of the Music and Dance Festival.

Generalife Gardens