Daraxa Lookout - Alhambra

Brief description of the monument

The viewpoint is the part of the Hall of the Two Sisters that has a view of the garden. From here many painters, poets and architects worked for hours. It has a view of Granada. It is 15 feet by 10 feet and there are three tall windows. It is adorned with verses and the eyes want to see all the details of the dome of this room. There are three main figures, as in all Muslim architecture. The triangle with a block of 90 gradients, the rectangle and the isosceles triangle.

Monument history

From the Sala de los Ajimeces we enter the viewpoint through a large pointed arch of morarabes, in which we find a poem in the inscriptions that decorate their jambs, along with a socket of black, white and yellow tiles, beautiful for their fineness and dexterity when it comes to performing the complicated motif that it exhibits. The floor is also tiled, although it is very damaged.

Another name of this viewpoint is Lindaraja, which derives from Ayun Dar Aisa, "the eyes of Aisa's house." This viewpoint was restored by Rafael Contreras between 1879 and 1880, and 1883 and 1884.

The interior of the viewpoint is a rectangular room, with two lateral arches and a double one in front of the entrance that overlooks the Patio de Daraxa, which was closed by the Rooms of Carlos V. On the windows there are pointed arches of morarabes, in whose cloths appear inscriptions of praise to God, Mohamed V and poetry.

Taca right (Ibn Zamrak, translated by Emilio García Gómez in spanish):

Todo arte me ha brindado su hermosura,
con darme perfecciones y esplendores.
Quien me ve, me imagina a todas horas
dando al ibriq lo que lograr desea.
A quien mira y medita, le desmiente
la visual percepción su pensamiento,
pues tan diáfana soy, que ve a la luna,
feliz, situarse en mí como en un halo.

Taca izquierda:
No estoy sola: ha creado tal prodigio
mi jardín, que otro igual ojos no vieron:
un suelo de cristal que quien lo mira
lo cree espantable mar, y le amedrenta.
Del imam Ben Nasar todo esto es obra
(¡que Dios su majestad guarde, entre reyes!).
Su familia ganó gloria de antiguo
Porque asiló al Profeta y a los suyos.

The viewpoint is covered by a wooden trough with original glass from the Nasrid period: "One is the light, but the color is varied" we read in the poem of this viewpoint. When the patio below was not closed, you could contemplate, sitting and resting your arm on the window sill, from there the Albayzín. To this end I arrive in my charms. That in their heaven the stars imitate them.

According to Rafael Pérez Gómez, the Alhambra is the only place where Arab geometers and traitors represented each of the 17 flat Crystallographic Groups, defined by the Russian Fedorov. But at the Daraxa viewpoint they made a “geometric trap”: they built a nine-sided polygon in the ceramic socket, a path that is impossible to achieve with a ruler and compass, which were the instruments they used.