The Medina - Alhambra

Short description

The citadel had several public toilets, ovens, workshops, silos and cisterns and of course, the houses of high officials, employees and servants of the court.

As a result of the War of Independence, the buildings were ruined, and part of the wall and its towers had to be rebuilt almost entirely. The visitor can see the foundations of the buildings, as well as the wall from the inside, with the steps of the round, battlements and merlons and a great view of the Generalife from the east side.

Upon leaving the Nasrid Palaces, there are the * Jardines del Partal, with the famous Torre de las Damas and the huge pond that until recently was guarded by two majestic stone lions, which are now in the Alhambreño museum.

In this enclosure, near the pond, are the remains of the Palace of Yusuf III, which wanted to clearly evoke its predecessor of Comares, and that before the ruin was residence of the governor of the Alhambra, the Marquis de Mondéjar.

Somewhat higher is the Parador de San Francisco, former convent of the order and formerly still an Arab palace, from the time of Yusuf V, exempt as the previous one of Yusuf III.

In the passage to the Generalife the towers and the water system are very interesting, which we set aside.

Information for the visit to La Medina

Very difficult route for physically handicapped except the section colored in "blue", which can be accessed from the ticket offices or from the Alhambra, known as Secano.

* This site is not accessed except when leaving the Nasrid Palaces.