Mocarabes Room - Alhambra

Brief description of the monument

The Mocárabes room is the simplest of all the rooms of the Lions Room. It is located at the old entrance of the palace, and its name is due to the morarabes vault that covered it, and it was demolished due to the poor state that was left after the explosion of a powder magazine in 1590. The room was divided into two parts : the left part was covered with an elliptical vault and separated, on 1636, from the right with a fence. On its walls you can see girdles of plasterwork among which are the shield and the Nasrid motto. Since 1863 you can see the remains of the original vault. In part another Christian of half a cannon survives in which the F and I are indicated, but they do not correspond to the acronyms of the Catholic Monarchs, Fernando and Isabel, but to Felipe V and Isabel de Farnesio who came to the Alambra in 1729. This room, located just next to the medieval entrance, could be the waiting hall for the Sultan's guests at parties and receptions. The access to the Patio de los Leones is made through three arches of mocárabes.